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Category: Chocolate Cakes
Posted by: Melanie
20110328-Art Deco Picture Frame Cake.JPG

This was another chocolate cake I made last week. I think the white chocolate roses and fans look like an ornate, art deco style, picture frame round the plaque in the centre.
Category: Chocolate Cakes
Posted by: Melanie
I was like a mother hen when this cake was collected and I learned it was going to London by train in the rush hour, in the charge of a young man (who do sometimes treat cakes as though they are a bundle of washing and not a delicate work of edible art). I supplied a strong corrugated card cake box and tried to relax. Very kindly the recipient e-mailed as soon as it arrived:

"Good Morning Melanie

The cake looks amazing, thank you very much.

Kind regards


which was a great relief.

20110327-Summer Fruit Chocolate Cake.JPG
Category: General
Posted by: Melanie
20110326-Sugar Vanda Orchid.JPG

These are the Vanda Orchids I made for the top tier of the mini cake tower featured below.
Category: Wedding Cakes
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20110325-Mini cakes with roses.JPG

20110325-close up of mini cakes.JPG

These mini cakes were for a wedding at Crondon Park at the weekend. I haven't done many mini cakes in the past because they are so time consuming that I don't have enough hours in the day. However, I now have a very good lady working with me when I am busy and she marzipanned and iced these very quickly and neatly, leaving me to make the roses and pipe the dots. A special thank you to Maria.
Category: Chocolate Cakes
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20110324-Chocolates and roses birthday cake.JPG

Here is another variation on the chocolate cigarillos cakes.

05/03: Red Hat Cake

Category: Birthday Cakes
Posted by: Melanie
Kevin e-mailed and ordered a Mad Hatter Cake in red with a purple band for his Mother's birthday. When he picked it up he said his mother would be delighted. I asked if she was an Alice in Wonderand fan, and he said no, she belongs to a group of ladies called the Red Hat Ladies, who have to wear a red hat and purple clothes and they meet up at smart functions, and have a very good time. It is an international group, for the over 50's. It sounds to me like just the job for anyone who wants to grow old disgracefully.

20110305-Red Hat Cake.JPG
Category: Wedding Cakes
Posted by: Melanie
20110302-White Chocolate cake for Lucy.JPG

Lucy was delighted with this helterskelter cake I made for her wedding at Stock Brook Manor in November:

"Dear Melanie

Thank you for making our beautiful cake. It looked fantastic and tasted lovely. Lots of our guests said how stunning it was. I highly recommend your services. Thanks again.

lots of love

Lucy and John"