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Posted by: Melanie
White helterskelter with silver hologram glitter.JPG

This was a white sugar version of the white chocolate helterskelter cake. It is rather more delicate looking. The hologram glitter gives the effect of several different colours depending on the angle
you are viewing from.

This was a for a wedding at Hylands House this September.

18/11: WOW Pink Cake

Category: Wedding Cakes
Posted by: Melanie
20111118-Pink Banner Cake 1.JPG

20111118-Pink Banner Cake 2.JPG

This was a 4-tier sponge cake, covered in vanilla buttercream and then decorated with a banner of the name of the newly married couple. It had various decorations in shades of pink: butterflies, blossoms, hearts, daisies, roses, fans etc etc.

This was definitely a 'look-at-me' cake, made for a summer wedding at Stock Brook Manor.
Category: Wedding Cakes
Posted by: Melanie
This was a lovely commission, a cake in white, red and gold with a pattern all over based on mehndi patterns.

20111117-mehndi pattern cake.JPG
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20111116-Chanel Bag.JPG

This is the comment I had about this cake:

"Hi Melanie.

Just to let you know the cake went down really well. She loved it so much she doesn't want to cut it!!
Category: Wedding Cakes
Posted by: Melanie
20111115-helterskelter with butterflies.JPG

Well I have finally got my permanent telephone number back and have access to the internet, so I feel in touch with the world again.

So I can post properly on my blog again. This was a 6-tier helterskelter cake I made with some white and gold butterflies and some white chocolate roses with dark red glitter round the edges and others with gold glitter, as well as the usual unembellished white chocolate roses and fans. This was a big statement of a cake! Made for a wedding at Stock Brook Manor at the beginning of October.
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BT have now changed my number to 01277 840077. This should revert to 01277 840911 in the next couple of days.