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Category: Chocolate Cakes
Posted by: Melanie

The brief for this chocolate cake in the Summer was: 'simple, elegant in black and white'.

The client was pleased:

"Morning Melanie

Thank you for delivering the birthday cake on Saturday. It was exactly what we wanted and went down a treat.


Category: Wedding Cakes
Posted by: Melanie

This cake was seriously large and seriously purple. For a wedding at Maidens Barn in Essex in the summer.
Category: Birthday Cakes
Posted by: Melanie

Very simple, but effective, 80th birthday cake for a gentleman who is fond of archery. The arrows are food grade dowels, but his son wondered if they were candles - what a good idea for next time. I had lovely feedback:

Hi Melanie.
The cake was a great success: quite delicious, and everyone impressed with the design. Thank you very much.
Category: Birthday Cakes
Posted by: Melanie

This year's most popular girls' birthday theme. An 8" sponge cake iced in blue and white with little pine trees and snowflakes. The figures were provided by the client so Sophie could play with them after her party.