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this is an amusing cartoon
Nucleus seems to be working really well for the blogs but we are still using the default skin.

I knew from the beginning that it's possible to change the look but have only just started to get into finding out how it's actually done. As it turns out, changing the look isn't as difficult as I thought it would be. There's a lot of "change and hope" because there's very little documentation out there that explains what all the tags, classes and other things actually do. Still, I think I'm about done for the first draft.

....except for one thing. The "left box" and "right box" buttons. They might be ok for small images, but they don't work for large images. I've just made a change that might fix this (more change and hope!). I'll just put an image in here and see what happens.

OK - that didn't work. What I want is to make the box whatever size it needs to be to fit the whole image. The default was set to 20% so I just assumed you could remove that from the CSS file and all would be fine. I've changed it to a fixed pixel width which allows this test image to fit in while I dig a little further.

Update: Solution found. Chnage the CSS to give a fixed width (rather than a percentage) and then change those 2 little numbers after the image filename to fit into the space allowed. The image gets squeezed into the box!
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Added a new link to VenuesDirect.
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Fixed the date format. It needed a change to the rss2html file. Found this from one of the forums, but it was pretty well hidden.

Actually I really HATE the way that dates are shown in numerical format.
What date is 01/02/03?
1st February 2003(d/m/y)?
2nd January 2003 (m/d/y)?
3rd February 2001 (y/m/d)?

I always use the format 2 digit day; 2 letter month; 4 digit year. This makes it impossible to get the wrong date.
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A couple of quick changes (thanks to the Nucleus forums) to the RSS feed:

1. Manged to get the images displayed in the RSS feed. All it needed was a small change to the RSS template

2. Changed the date format of the entries in the feed. The default format is american (month / day) which doesn't make sense this side of the pond. Had to settle with the long date format which does at least show the month by name. I guess there must be some way of getting the date to show in the same format as the main blog, but I heven't found it yet.
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The aim of this blog is to record the changes that have been done to this website. It should help me keep a not of what has been done and when (...and why?).

This first entry is going to be quite full because I'm going to try to catch up with what has been going on for the last few weeks.

Moved the whole site from PMC-Internet to Krystal. The move was forced following the complete re-design of the main site. It's prettier (well I think it is!) but it also has much bigger pictures so our bandwidth has shot up! Within 2 weeks we were pushing the bandwidth limit for the whole month. A temporary trimming of the images shown in the new java fade script slowed things a little.....
NOTE: Must re-instate the original files

Installed the main blog on Krystal. They only had Nucleus 3.51 and we were using 3.32 and they are not compatible, so I had to install manually. This took longer than expected due to file permission problems. Finally sorted out by reading the small-print.

Upgraded to Nucleus 3.51. That was easy!

I think we have finally got to the root of the problem with uploading images. Kept on getting a "ticket expired" warning and we had to re log-in continually which was getting to be a real pain!!! It's all to do with the cookies which can be fixed by setting the cookie domain under configuration. Fingers crossed.

Things to do:
1. Add a banner and reciprocal links page.
2. Change over some of the old pictures which are very small and not very good quality.